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Interesting game, the lack of instructions made it confusing. I had to watch the walkthrough just to find out that i could drag the mirror.

MoonMana responds:

There is a message in the first level, describing it. But thanks for your feedback. I will try to make tutorials more clear


just thought i would let you know there are 2 ways to prevent cheating, kinda just made them up on the spot so i dont know how well they would work out

1. record the distance between where the mouse is, and where the mouse was last frame:
var speed = Math.sqrt(thex,they);
cheat = true;
var thex = _root._xmouse;
var they = _root._ymouse
of course on load thex and they are 0, and you have to determine a maximum acceleration that someone could achieve with their mouse without hitting a wall
(shit, no clue if you guys understand that, engineering student talking here)

2. much easier

have invisible checkpoints along the correct path that are pretty big, but need to be hit in order for you to be able to win, wow, why did I bother saying the first idea...

username0hi0 responds:

Thanks, your 1st way seems to be in a weird language i dont understand. But i might try it some time. If i were to do a second game i will definitely use the invisible checkpoints. Thanks for your help.


Even thought the game wasnt very fun, i quite enjoy the music... hahaha

im very thankful you used my song in your submission, i guess you hear and reveiw all my stuff anyway

but yeah, i guess i dont really have anything to say

well, except:


Little-Rena responds:

I thought it was very fitting for an april fools flash, lol. I also liked it.


fun game

no pause button

hitboxes were crap

ending was odd

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks for the review. Yeah, my coding skills are not that good yet, and a pause button was just too hard for me. Making time stop in games are not as easy as it might seem, or maybe Im just not good enough yet. I'll try to figure something out for the sequel. The hit detection was crap I agree, but it was the best I could do at the time. They will be improved on...


sorry, but with a song loop that short, you gotta make sure it loops properly, it was runnign tat like 15/16 time, ow my ears and brain

CerebralGames responds:

Thanks for the comment, but I think is a bit "extreme" to give us 0 just for the music.


sidechaining, eh?
wow, learn something new every day.

when I ,mix in my kick, i usually have a peack controller control the lower end of my paramic EQ for the bass, I thought i was being clever, but i guess it is pretty much sidechaining.

Shit, i want to get a bunch of people together and make a FL tutorial for NG, cause everyone has different little techniques, and everyone could basically learn from everyone else, as well as teach others how to do stuff. eh? eh?

Nav responds:

Yeah, Sidechaining is a pretty widely known technique. I'm glad you learned something :)

An FL Collab Flash would rule.

Thanks for reviewing!

alright couple things

game is fun and entertaining, i played it yersterday, and i am playing again today.
you need a save feature
you need a volume control, cause songs anly play once, and then stop, so i have to pause my music while the song plays once, and then play my music when it is done.
the knife doesnt do anything to big fish, i guess it isnt supposed to, but it should.
the portal teleported me into the octopusses tentacles, and i died instantly, and the game froze...
either than that, this is an amazing game, and i really wish i could find out what the viking hat, and the weird hourglass shaped thing do.

Kuramu responds:

I was affraid the music would annoy people if it repeated too much. Since i wrote the music, I'm a little self conscious about it. I'll think about letting it play more often

uhh. one thing

you dont have your audio listed anywhere.
this bothers me

Woods-house responds:

Yes i keep forgetting to list the audio :(


so, all the people working on platform games in the tut all have wiggi submissions.
alright, so. You did a good job with this game, there are just a couple things i would fix up.

1. when alphaing movieclips with several layers, set the movieclips layering option to blend (in bottom properties bar).
2.your ship is too big and slow, I had this same problem when trying a spaceship game. Youwant a small ship, with faster manuvererablility.
3. with a smaller ship, you can have more enemies, making the game faster, and more exciting to play.

4. IMPORTANT. you NEED the wiggi preloader, otherwise your game is not qualified, i suggest you make a version with that loader and update this game asap, otherwise you wont be in the comp.

good luck

iamironman responds:

i had a word with the guy behind the sceens. he siad if i wanted to i could make my own loader.

and im going to go update the game now. thanks for your review


game seemed iffy, i didnt really feel the physics of it, especially when getting aropund the people i thought i was supposed to save.

3 tips:
1. when alphaing movieclips with multiple layers, set the blend mode to layer.
2. dont shape tween scrolling text, it messes up some letter, make it a graphic and motion tween it.
3. dont make the background scroll more than the forground, make it scroll a fraction of the foreground. (it looks like it goes with the character, a very bizzaire way to do it).

nice idea though, good luck with the comp

code-mast3r responds:

Thanks tor your tips!


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