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Interesting game, the lack of instructions made it confusing. I had to watch the walkthrough just to find out that i could drag the mirror.

MoonMana responds:

There is a message in the first level, describing it. But thanks for your feedback. I will try to make tutorials more clear

I have one question.

If he is looking for somewhere to fall asleep, why does he fall asleep if you dont move for 5 seconds?

Fun Fact:

Cats actually do not have the taste-buds that detect sweet flavors, so they have no desire to eat any of the foods displayed as tasty in this game. Although cats are inherently carnivorous, they will tolerate small consumptions of vegetables in their diet.

Regardless of this, the game was still awesome.

Awesome game.

Only drawback was that I had no idea what to do at end. It wasn't until I walked to the moat and back (to try and get water) did I get the frog situation, and figure out what I was supposed to do.


Funny game, interesting sort of humor.

The thing that impressed me the most was the song during the duels, and I cant find it anywhere on your guys pages or webpage which is sad, that is an awesome song.

WOW, that game was amazing

Great imitation of fluid physics, kinda killed my computer, but that was one of the most fun games I have ever played.

The best was when I tried Pascal's Law twice, before looking at the name of the level, then i stared at the button for a second and laughed.

Amazing job, you are a genius.


the stats are broken, and the game boring, and dumb.
your method is stupid
your game is stupid
your intelligence is... stupid.

missing of 30% of the time with +60 points on agility is retarted, and it made the game boring.
all the game was was missing, hitting 1/15 times, despite the % stat stated, and then the bot healing afterward


the game involves rotating your head 45 degrees, pressing random switches, hoping they are the right one, and waiting for little computer controlled guys to press a button or get out of your way.

nice engine, but shitty gameplay


just thought i would let you know there are 2 ways to prevent cheating, kinda just made them up on the spot so i dont know how well they would work out

1. record the distance between where the mouse is, and where the mouse was last frame:
var speed = Math.sqrt(thex,they);
cheat = true;
var thex = _root._xmouse;
var they = _root._ymouse
of course on load thex and they are 0, and you have to determine a maximum acceleration that someone could achieve with their mouse without hitting a wall
(shit, no clue if you guys understand that, engineering student talking here)

2. much easier

have invisible checkpoints along the correct path that are pretty big, but need to be hit in order for you to be able to win, wow, why did I bother saying the first idea...

username0hi0 responds:

Thanks, your 1st way seems to be in a weird language i dont understand. But i might try it some time. If i were to do a second game i will definitely use the invisible checkpoints. Thanks for your help.

holy crap

what was that intro dnb audio sample from, it was amazing!


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