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haha wow

to be honest, your WaB videos have gotten kinda, well, dumb, but that song at the end was fucking awesome!


it was like i was watching someone play a sega genesis game remake, or something, with the oldschool style, but the good quality graphics

I dont know if you want to bother, but i think that could make a pretty sweet game, something like that wouldnt even take much programming...

haha wow

i wasnt expecting it to br THAT long, that was pretty awesome, you had some really good angles and animations in that, i was thuroughly impressed.
was that one guy supposed to be drinking beer or piss?
and i liked the epic shape tweens on steve's mouth when his balls were cut.
and the other tankgirl picture you drew for the second magazine.

did i hear a bit of weezer in there? for shame

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Interesting game, the lack of instructions made it confusing. I had to watch the walkthrough just to find out that i could drag the mirror.

MoonMana responds:

There is a message in the first level, describing it. But thanks for your feedback. I will try to make tutorials more clear

I have one question.

If he is looking for somewhere to fall asleep, why does he fall asleep if you dont move for 5 seconds?

Fun Fact:

Cats actually do not have the taste-buds that detect sweet flavors, so they have no desire to eat any of the foods displayed as tasty in this game. Although cats are inherently carnivorous, they will tolerate small consumptions of vegetables in their diet.

Regardless of this, the game was still awesome.

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The deep gritty bass at the beginning is perfectly mixed, the snare at the beginning feels like its missing something, maybe just cause it has no reverb, which is fine when the song is at full blow, but for the intro a bit of reverb may have been nice. All the little sounds really make this song amazing, I also like the hits you use with a synth. But my all time favorite part of this song is the "processing" that you sampled from Invader Zim, that is possibly my favorite part of that show anyway, so it makes me laugh while I listen to an amazing song.


Interesting track. The main thing to point out is the obvious; there is no building. You need it to come in with some loud synth at some point, quite possibly sidechained and EQ'd up at 3-5kHz and 40kHz+. Also the bongo loop thing should get louder as other instruments come in, and pan more. there is very little panning compared what you could be doing with it. Also, more compression on the kick and snare, try running both together through a multiband compressor. Also pick out asnother drumbeat for the kick and snare at somepoint. Your use of pads is nice though, I enjoy it.

pichuscute0 responds:

I don't use compressors much, so I will probably try that. I need to learn to use them better. Also, yeah, I hadn't panned the bongos out nearly as wide as normal. Most everything is barely panned at all as well. Hadn't gotten to doing that yet.
I will try to build it up more, I do need to work on that.

I'll try what you've said. Thanks for the help.

Wow, now the hard part, critisizing

So, wow, the song is awesome, not really a surprise seeing as your music has been awesome for years since, well, i guess when i first heard sky runner.
back then, i never really used the audio portal, and you and cornandbeans were the only two people i really listened to. Slowly that thought me to go deeper into the (very confusing and scary) audio portal, where i learned about more music. cornandbeans kinda dissapeared, but you have always been here, creating more and more awesome music. then i remember people always referencing anything good to space pirates, heck, they even used that as an example for the CC mac contest, didn't they, and then you know what, it turns out all these new songs you made were either for, or just ended up in, castle crashers.

anyway, tome to review this beast of a song.

Drums. The basic kick and snare seem to stay where they are, throughout all filters and progressions, except when there is no kick or snare. i guess that is necessary for such a long song to keep its momentum. I really like all the different things you did with the drums, filtering was amazing, your hi-hat, what is it?it almost sounds like, well, not a hi-hat, but does sound too much like the snare at points, i admit. at around 5:00, i don't like the how you can here the reverb of the snare, it kinda gets hurt, from compression, or just cause of the sample, I'm not sure. also, sometimes the kick looses itself in the low saw, maybe a little of sidechain is in order there, just a wee bit, like a few dB. also i like the initial snare with the little bit of compressed reverb, sounds sexy.

General instruments. I pretty much like all of them, don't know what to comment on, umm. some of the high instruments kinda forget their boundaries and flow into the bass, but not too much, i guess it is inevitable with the constant change of instrument patterns and so forth. some of the 8-bit seems really outta place, i know you like it, but you may need to reverb it and EQ back a bit or something to make it seem natural to the song. the main instrument kinda gets repetitive, i believe thats where any of the feeling of repetition comes from, it overlaps both the bass and the treble at any given time, so it tends to stay lead the entire time, which also i guess may be necessary, but that is why the song feels a little long (well, ya, aside from the fact that it is long). I also really like that funky bounce in instrument you play from 4:06-4:12, what is that, and what did you do with it? The strings later on are quite good as well, very unnoticeable at first, which is great for strings. the synth after these strings is nice too, EQ'd perfectly, like wow, my only complaint about this is that pulling it in and out doesn't really give you the potential to build with it, you just seem to go back to the strings and alarm buzzing synth.

Random hits: Plentiful and beautiful, the dentist drill sound, the fade ins and outs of random instruments, all the background noises, all the little IDM hits of quick repetition. Any good song has lots of little random sound sin it, and this has that, how do you choose what to put where, and how are you able to fill the whole song with little things like that without making anything take over. again the only thing at this point is the 8-bit sounds, but still, fantastic job.

Random vocals. apparently you like the "i like you" "i like me too" the most, because it is used most often. I really enjoy the parts with the quick sinusoid panning, or LFO, or ping-pong, whatever you feel like calling, kinda takes a bit of presence in the song, but sounds amazing. The EQing of all of the vocals are great too, they are hidden behind the song, but are still audible, and you can tell what they are saying, HOW DID YOU DO THAT SO WELL? was it the samples? was it the compression? was it the EQing? was it a combination, please let me know!

sorry that the review turned more into just observations, but this is WAY above my level. I don't really care if you read it all, but please, teach my anything you can. oop, well im out of tex

Waterflame responds:

WOW! that has to be one of the longest and most serious reviews ive ever gotten. ofcource i red it all, i always read everything pepole write to me. i just cant respond to them all, usually.. i must say i agree with almost everything you said, this beast of a song was so hard to control. i had to do tons of nifty little things to keep the CPU level from breaking of the chart. Cycerin gave me some helpfull tips on how to prevent the song from suicide..

as said im not completely happy with the outcome, but i could poke at it forever with little result. all in all im happy with it! and im realy gratefull you took the time to write this skyscraper review. it actually helped aswell as beeing nice. a real constructive review! ;)

and the voices, its actually "i love you, i love you too" i tired to get out the feeling of mind control.
well, since you took the time to review ill take the time to explain. the control series is a little story, wich has something to do with one of my game concepts. the last stage of the song is where obviously pepole get brainwashed. the voices are sampled from a old Dos game, and was ment to represent that. they turn into monotone dolls. the voices in the song goes like this, if you listen closely: "jenny, i, i, i feel something abnormal! GUUaegh" "HELP ME!"
"I Love you." " I Love you too"

To tell you the truth, im not that good at mastering, i just basicly fix whats wrong without giving it any special thought. "opps too much treble *fix fix somehow* XD

anyways, Thank you! glad you liked it :D


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