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better than some

move your mouth away from the microphone a bit, you can increase volume once it is on your computer

its johnny utah, not jhonny utah

Horsenwelles responds:

eh.... ok.... i know it wasnt jhonny, i just started this kind of thing with the halloween edition...


so happy it came out.

hahahah, turtle truth... shoulda been a truth turtle

wow that was awesome

you sre seriously pro with stick animation, congrats with that.
You manage to give off really nice effects with the panning and siming you use, i really cant say that i have anything to critique on this animation.

oh, and the last scene with the ice and fire made me laugh pretty hard, didnt see it coming


When i saw this video's name, i was like "YES, I CANT BELEIVE SOMEONE DID THIS". I love captain falcon, soley for the knee, i never use any other moves, except down smash.
the only thing i was dissapointed by was the fact that you hadn't named your captain "KNEE", but whatever, its all good

i hae you, so much.

first of all, something as amazing as invader zim should never be placed anywhwere near something as gay as nickelback.

also, you didnt even animate, you just took parts of the film and put it in a video

why would you even bother? like seriously

that was fucking awesome

when the sad instrumental of riding dirty play, i almost fell off my chair from laughing.
the second best part was jesus' birthday.
keep up the good work

good animation

but why does pico look like a chick?

aswesome movie

this is more than good enough for a tv show

you guys could even pull off a movie and sell it

but 1 thing
link does go back in time to cheat on the lottery in majoras mask

whoally crap epic

that was amazing, and i really did not expect it

you should totally make a prequal of how he got posest by satan or whatever happened to him

amazing idea

I really enjoyed this move
enjoyed it so much that i watched it 8 times, and have voted 5 on it for the past 2 weeks.

The drawing style adds the the effect of the video

and the pulsings and pausings going with the music was a really good idea, and works very well


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