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the song cut out right before the chorus, thats my favourite part of that song

anyway, animation was pretty good, parts of the motion needed a little bit more character emphisis, and parts with no face were confusing, but you did a damn good job drawing hands

and your comments has three N's too many

keep up the good work

WAaAzZAaA responds:

lolz you rated my comments too XD

yeah i know, ithe original plan was to animate ALL THE SONG, but the time wasnt on my side...

anyways thanks


nice little animation, art was nice, lip syncing was amazing, especially with the penguin

two things that bothered me though:
penguin was blurry in first shot, but mouth wasn't
the hiss removal on the voice madee them sound hollow, they needed a hint or reverb or chorus to sound a little more full (if you did add chorus, then they needed reverb, but just a tiny sliver of it)

keep up the good work

Bobert-Rob responds:

Hm, yeah, I guess the audio could still use work, but at least it's loud enough. I'm still working on perfecting the audio, so I'll take your comments into consideration. Thanks for watching!
Oh, and I only blurred the penguin's body because in most of the Linux logo's I've seen, the penguin's body is kind of blurred. I didn't blur the face because I was worried about it lagging.


the easter bunny would be very dissapointed

BMack24 responds:

indeed he would.

Dont know if you will ever read this, but whatever

alright where should i start. lets do the beginning

funny intro, have a little camera pause with green static, timed with the music, very random, but kinda neat. i was actually supprised how all 3 sports gear guys having the same voice was fine, it kinda made them more stereotyped as a group.
I didnt like 2 main things around this time, one was the fact you used a song with words in it during a scene with talking (who am i kidding, tankman is all dialog), the other thing i didnt like was the guy with night vision goggles. his voice annoyed me, and the worst part was when he got hit by the knife, his scream sounded just like his voice, kinda emphasised how weird his voice was.
the chace scene was nice, good drawing of the tank at a cool angle, this part wasnt bad, either than the captains voice started sounding different, which was weird (you get lazy at recording?) and also, the penut butter and jelly sandwiches line was pretty bad, just the way you announciated it made it sound like you were trying too hard. one last thing i didnt like was the pythagoras's theorem line, not only was it way to long to catch on to me, it had nothing to do with the situation, seeing as they needed their shot to go further, it seemed to be aimed propperly

alright, i really liked the line "awh we shanked it" it made me laugh pretty good, also, graphics are alot better than the first, i like the mountains and the tables especially, the mouth on the captain when they are on the tank at some points is kid of weird, but overall barely noticable. I liked the sports gear guys, simply because it was using the tankmen style on other things, which is a style i like.

some things about the overall video:

You say you had some issues with this video, is it because it isnt the same setup as the other tankmen videos? mainly, your other ones have 2 storylines going back and forth. (well, 1 and .5) the best part of these is when you go from one to the other, and take a few words from the one groups last sentence, and put it on the first sentence of the next line, i really like this style, it keeps the video clever, allowing you to put simpler jokes in easily (like references to 80's movies). Also, this video was much different, simply cause there was action and movement, in the others, characters only really move to express emotions, asnd camera only moves for emphases.

Alright, i rewatched it, just cause.. iunno, couple other things i got to say
i hate the sound of the gun steve uses to shoot the sports armour guy, sounds like a rock landing in water.
i only hate the night vision guy's voice in the last part before he gets hit with the knife
i like the "hey, whats a berd?"

..thats it, oh, what framerate do you use, its nice and smooth, but not nauseating like lots of peoples 708 fps videos

JohnnyUtah responds:

i use 30 fps like tv. (ok tv is 29.97 but god dammit dont get me into explaining that silliness)


better than some

move your mouth away from the microphone a bit, you can increase volume once it is on your computer

its johnny utah, not jhonny utah

Horsenwelles responds:

eh.... ok.... i know it wasnt jhonny, i just started this kind of thing with the halloween edition...


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