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this song is epic as hell.
when are you posting the link to the flp?
I need to study lots
and i guess i am not experience enough to tell most of the eq issues, as i think it is eqed well (well, saw seems slightly empty, but still amazing)
Im trying to think of things to point out as potential flaws but it is hard.
the flange and side chaining on the second bass is a little much
the things with the rece saw thing are cool, and same with the instruments i didnt know exist till now, or just cant tell cause this song is so packed with stuff, but not too busy sounding

keep up the good work!

Rig responds:

I can't edit the song info anymore - the 3,000 listen threshold was passed a little while ago :(. But keep checking my news posts, guys! I'll post the .flp there when it's ready. I haven't had any time to work on it due to my job...but IT WILL GET DONE.

Thanks for the review, by the way!


the intro was pretty dope with the filtering and rennecance (totally spelled wrong)
and then the next set of the song was really dull, no building, no excitement, simply just there...

and then it went to 2:16, and my god, from there it is just epic, i dont even know what to say, all your slow pad synth things are freaking amazing, i am awful with those types of instruments, and didnt know they had such power until this song. I really need to just study your music, im older than you but still admiring you... favourite artist listed starting now

Arcsynth responds:

Haha thanks. Yeah this one's a bit old and I've learned much since (I would hope lol). Thanks for the review and fav. :D

fuckin right

ive never heard something so short so awesome.
the lead beepy thing has just enough echo to hold its beat but be passsive, and the attack seems slightly delayed in it, but it still seems on beat, its amazing
the reece sub thing was my favourite, it has the distortion, but isnt too much as to bother me, it still holds its own, i need to know what it is, please tell me.
the drums, that kick has a great amount of bass, i swear to god, this mixing job is perfect, i really want to see even a printscreen of this project, the eq's are all perfect everywhere, and with relatively no panning in most of the isntruments.
the high hats arent as high as i usually put them, but they seem to be where they should be, i guess i should think of dropping my high hats a bit.
i seriously didnt notice the majority of the clap for the longest time, that has got to be a rediculous amount of compression you put on them, my god, what like 30:1 at 25 DB?
frig, back to the high hats, they blend so well, and is there 2 different ones, or is it just the way one sample cuts off the one before?

my god this is amazing, please teach me your ways!

Arcsynth responds:

Woo, huge review! I could send you a pic of my project file haha. The claps actually are hardly compressed, I just EQ'd the hell out of them lol. Something to fix. And the high hats, I used several different ones. Thanks for the review! =P


pretty captivating for a song of its structure.
I honestly have never played castlevania or heard this song, so i can not tell how remixed it is, all i can say is that it is pretty awesome

one flaw in it i find though, is the (is it a sytrus?) horn that comes in at 2:00 does not fit for a pretty simple reason once you know it

those horns and stuff have a very delayed attack, therefore the instrument will sound as if it is playing half a second late, messing up the beat completely, and once you are 2 minutes into a song, it is a bad idea to mess up the beat if it hasdnt been happening often before hand.
also i like the drum on the snare, its pretty subtle for how muc is there, i like it.

oh, and it is a symphony of the night remix?
usually right before the word remix, is the artists tag, so people might think this remix was done by someone named sotn

keep up the good work

Koji98 responds:

It was a trumpet actually, and the delay sound is actually more like the real song, as its melody was played with an instrument with a delay sound to it, but the song was much slower compared to my remix.


pretty fantastic, what do you use as amp effects aside from echo?
is it just me, or is the solo panned to the right and the background lead thingy is just mono (i am using new ear buds and panning is the thing im having the most trouble getting used to)
also, the proper term for homer simpson fingers is "sausage" fingers

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Hey dude.

Its not mono, it is stereo, cause it can be heard in either earpeace. But the backing is a little more centered. So I panned the solo to the far left and right, so that it wouldn't be crammed in the middle.
Also, I just used a bit of delay. I'm running a pod x3, and it was the first delay setting on this amp/cab. I also dual channeled it, and made one like a tiny tiny bit off from the other. Barely audible, but that gives it a bit more fullness.

Homer fingers are better. haha. Thanks dude.


only issue i would have to say is with the panning cymbol, it is to repeditive and noticable as a pan ,and gets annoying

my suggestions to fix this are:
add some reverb too it, if it seemed a bit more infront of you, it would feel better
pan slightly less, i like the pan, but it stands out too far
mix up the panning, make it go left to right every once in a while and stuff

aside from that, this song has wicked potential, cant wait to hear the full thing

WritersBlock responds:

Ok, thanks for your tips, I'll probably spend some time brushing up on it. Much appreciated.


first off, guitar is amazing, and i like the riffs and vocal consepts, I wont bother about talking about whats good, because you slready know


the main issue for me is the crash. I dont like it, i am not sure what it is, i think its something between its delayed attach and its weird frequency change, but it annoys me, you need a different one.

guitar needs stronger high end eqing when there is no vocals, keep song more powerful ingeneral, especially in slow riff trhoguh 3:20

vocasls need more chorus, and a HELL of alot more compression (well, make an exciter, have a second channel for the vocals, have it only eq'd high, and put on rediculous amoounts of compression, it will make the vocals stand out more

um, thats the only issues, I really liked the rest of the drum samples you used, and good job

Extar responds:

First off thanks for the detailed review I don't usually get in-depth ones like this. Secondly, some of the points you bring up sound like mastering issues which I have little to no experience with so you'll have to bear with me.
With the crash I'm just using what's available on my drum machine, and I'm not entirely aware about any bizarre frequency changes.
With the vocals all that I put on them is reverb, no other effects mostly because I don't particularly know which ones help. Same with the guitar, what is there is coming straight out of the amp.
Anyway, thanks for the review and what not.


i know you know alot about music, so i expect something well mixed, so all i have in reveiw is personal oppinion about sound choices

overall, sounds like a pretty nice chill breakdown, reminds me of the music for super mario 64 once you beat a level, and it is all laid back,
but 2 things really REALLY ate at me during the song

1. the regae drum fill thingie you used at 1:25 3 times in a row, that was just awful, i mean come one, i expect better from you

2. that kick. MY GOD that kick pissed me off, it is like a pulse, in which the second half is louder than the first, like, that is something a compresser couldnt even accedentally do. it just, throws the beat so far off, but not enough off to be sincipated, it just fucks everything up, I HATE IT. if it werent such an awesome song the rest of the way through, (by the way i love that ride, whered you get it, snares pretty dope too) but yeh, kick needs to get second half cut off, god damn

Nav responds:

Ok, both of those issues have been brought up! Thanks for clarifying them though, I didn't really understand from the other reviews. I'll get rid of that fill, it was sampled from a Reggae song... I guess you didn't like it.

I dunno what's wrong with the kick, but I'll replace it. You see, the whole break was taken from the same source, a James Brown song. I'll be sure to replace the kick when (if?) I update the song.

Thanks for the review! :)


it doesnt sound like you recorded that audio, or made that track, they both sound too rediiculously pro, and if you did, then i want acid 5 and cool edit 2, fuck FL and Audacity

and why is there distortion on perfectly good voice tracks?
the choppinh thing was cool, but got repeditive

pookicker responds:

Hahaa, I've been using ACID and Cool Edit for 6 years on and off so, I hope it sounds pro!

I used distortion on the vocals because the clarity of our voices actually hurt the aggressive tone of the song. I'm stuck on sample chopping mixed with MIDI. I don't know why.

Thanks for the positive review!


on the 3rd and 5th notes in your little set, there was a lwish not that sounded off key, and kinda hurt.
drums and stuff come in way too late, and sound too stock
try layering drums, like having 2 different claps play at once
and maybe with a snare
and 2 different kicks
i like your second riff you had, but things still need to build more, you need a stronger bass, if that was supposed to be a bass, and for the tempo and tone of the song, you might want it to seem slightly faster, so maybe a hi hat between the kicks
you dafinately have the right idea with this song in my oppinion, it just needs more to complete it

keep up the good work

SkatingIsGenetic responds:

Ok thanks!

Sorry it took me so long to review XD.

But when, or if, I finish this, I'll make sure I take your words into consideration.


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