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i like that grungy bass, and all the background trebly things

the triplet parts make it sound sligthly arabic
whats the funny horn at 12-13 seconds?

and the main instrument, cant tell what the hell it is, hidden behind to many things, but it works really well

Rig responds:

That's an accordion. I wanted to go for the "insane clown" sorta feel :P
Thanks for the review! :D


ive had sex in a bathroom, and i swear to god, it sounded NOTHING like this, this is a brutal dramatization of the real thing


songs pretty awesome, sounds like theres alot of FL sytrus instruments in there
if you are going to use em, may i suggest at least messing with them enough so they cant be noticed?

but aside from that, you did a very good job of combining the intsruments to sound good, the build through the song sucks after the intro, but the fact that it sounds great makes up for it

also, the drums need to change at some point

all in all... keep up the good work, you have the potential for great musicings

KatnipKitten responds:

Thanks a lot man, I'll keep that all in mind

...my god

this song is amazing

what the hell is that acidy dropy noise that you used for the lead

Spikrodd responds:

THat is an overdriven sub kick. You take that sample, then send it thru a SVF x2 filter, set the MODx to bout 50 percent, MODy to whatever you wish. Then set the pitch so it slowly decreases pitch.



pretty awesome, you just need to work on mixing

compress your voice more
eq the crash's 4800+ hz up more
pan the shaker so you can put more around 1500 hz
reverb the bg vox more
have the guitar/bass eqed up more and louder for some of the parts where you werent singing and it wasnt
was that chorus or flange at the end that was sounding all wobbly?

BreakingFaces responds:

Sorry dude, but your lingo is just too technical, I don't understand.


slappy snare thing is too panned to the right, but everything else is good

SkeezyForHeezy responds:

Thanks B!
I don't know exactly how the snare got all the way to the right. I definitely didn't mean for it to be there, and it definitely is. Oh well.
Thanks for the kind words.


meh, for starters, BUT

if you want to work on music, heres some suggestions (keep in mind im not very good)

dont build slow, it is a talent that takes a lot of practice to do, you should just into the song pretty early

you need an instrument

maybe two

even drum and bass has the reece eq'ed pretty high, as to make it take up the higher bandwiths

layer kicks in order to make it not sound like the generic stock kick

this can also work with claps and snare, and hi hat (claps and snare can even layer together, hi hats are a little more difficult to do, and may involve compression)

drum beat was nice, ieven if it lacked variety, but the bass part that comes in seems off beat at first, when it fully plays, it sounds nice, but you dont want anything to pull the rythm away, as it demolishes the song

Little-Rena responds:

I was seeing what I could do more than anything, just kind of messing around with diffrent things. I don't know what I'm doing with music, I'm not very good at putting things together, it all just seems kind of, eh, dunno what to say. Would be nice if I could do half they things you mentioned but I don't really get what you're suggesting.

The other thing with this is I made it with a beat program and a sound recorder, not just one standalone audio creation program, so putting it together was kind of hard, making a mistake ment starting all over again.


i'd have to say, you have really improved alot with your audio quality, this is awesome, and catchy, and not repeditive
i love it

voted five, downloaded, orgasmed

all the guitar things you do in this song sound great, the whole thing is just so interesting and unique, very goodjob and i hope you win

DarKsidE555 responds:

With experience comes quality kind sir! I'm pleased as well with my current soundquality, though, there's still room to improve in.

Anyways, thanks for the support on this man, very much appreciated! :D


so begginning was pretty hard to hear you, the piano and your voice were taking up the same frequencies, some eqing would be in order for that, probably on piano, cause it is more versatile than a voice

once you had more chorus in the song, and turned up the vocals a bit, it was easier to hear, but i could still feel the muffle in there

also, you NEED more compression on your vocals, more compression

more compression

Cayler responds:

I'm planning on accumulating more and more music hardware knowledge until eventually my stuff isn't so amateur sounding. Thanks for telling me the things I need because I'm hopeless learning these things on my own. lol


very odd, i must say, sounds cool, unique use of some instruments

but it does not flow, things just jump all over, quite a beautiful mess i must say

intro third is definately the best, but there needs to be flow between sections, otherwise the music just dies

NipplesMaster responds:

thanx ill work on the transitions

very nice

though when the weird kick with lots of reverb just kept going off beat all the time, it kinda removed the mood of the entire song, and from there on i couldnt follow the melody, it kinda just turned to sounds instead of music, and their are some weird chops when the choir and strings come in

but the sounds are good... what did you use?

NipplesMaster responds:

magix music maker


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