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vocals, mretty good, seemed a little emotionless in everything before 2:20
the parts after were great, good use of chorus to emphesise parts, too much delay on voice in quieter parts, you dont want it to be able to stand out

drums are pretty hokey, but whatever

instruments are generic, but i guess you needed to mainly focus on mixing them around the vocals to make it sound good

Cayler responds:

I glad you noticed all that, means you were really listening. My vocals were emotionless because I was focusing too much on all the hardware working and not on the music. When I recorded this, I had such bad crappy hardware that I had to make sure everything was perfect, and if one thing messed up during the singing, then I had to start all over from the very beginning. So technically all my vocals were like live performances because I couldn't edit them at all except for adding reverb. My ears hurt so bad when I hear this because of all the errors in my vocals. lol The drums are very temporary, just something I threw in while I was writing the song, and haven't replaced yet. I've been waiting for somebody to point out the bad percussion for quite a while actually. haha :D


organ - deep
slayer, quite possibly just a quick hit sytrus
sytrus piano or synth

crap, i gotta get better at nmemorizing my fl instruments

but wow, what you did with them?
you scare me
you pulled something out of fruity loops that i coulndt imagine someone could do


also, i love the little deep organ riff at 1:16

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

good ear ;)

All synths are on sytrus
Organ- Deep, and Stained Glass near the end
Guitars- Distorto

this is an old track that i made months ago when I didnt know how to make synths, i try to refrain from using presets now when possible, but if they fit for my needs then I would rather use them then my crappy 3xosc synths ;)

Thanks a ton for saying that I did a good job with them hehe! Glad you liked this one, thanks for another nice review MusicisBliss!


wasnt a bing fan of your orchestral song, but this is amazing.
I love every part of it.
the flanger is nice, strong but ends are EQed off, making it more unique

the synths sound great, the hoover is delicous
the glitchyness is simple, but amazing
the synth that comes in at :37 is incredible
i love the way it plays short notes, with long pauses, iut emphasises the reveb

and when the drums come in, orgasmic. like, i actually jumped up in my chair, shrunk flash, clicked the download song button, then started writing this reveiw.

i can see what you mean about your obsession with reverb, but it works in a song like this, because not too many different reverbs are being utilised at once

keep up the good work and i hope you make more songs like this

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

Dude, thank you so much for the awesome review!!! those words make me happy :D i'm really glad that you noticed and enjoyed the individual aspects of the this track, I really appreciate that. its probably my most experimental- i'll try to indeed make more tracks, i seem to be in a bit of a writers block for the past two weeks, but you're comments raised my levels of inspiration!

Thanks again for the nice words, good score, and download! :D

GAH what the crap?

song COULD have been amazing, BUT...

you kinda went extreme on the mixing
way too extreme
some people may not mind, but the clipping of the intro, and the drastic drop and raise of the bass you constantly do throughout the song bugs me to no extent, well, i guess some extent, cause i listened to it long enough to write a reveiw

also, the reece synth is a little to heavy in mid, as kick is in bass, i know its fun and sounds cool
but it hurts, not physically, but audioly

this could be awesome if you just sofened the mix a bit, but i guess you like that feel, so yeah...

Dj-Fanta5t1c responds:

lol. reviews are to express your opinion freely, do so!

mastering is not my thing =( i cant do it well at all,, and i just dont want to either.

although, i should have it pro mastered with my lable when released on album. all songs will be optimized and ready to kill yours ears even more >:)

i have to agree with that kick though, after listening to it 100 times, its starting to get to me...

thanks for the review man!


just a simple reveiw. sounds like you just used appregetor or whatewver from fl and added some drums

weird clicking sound at beginning bothered me

i like the pause at :42

nice instrument change

rules of thumb:
never use fl hits unless pitch is changed at least 2 octaves
never use the sytrus synths, unless you change the hell out of them

all your glissandos have weird clicking in the right side of the audio

slightly repeditive, but still well done

FunkmasterCatking responds:

I don't really know what an appregetor is, but I wrote the melody completely.

Thanks for the review!


i tried the same thing with my songs after listening to rig's stardust
in audacity as well

except my songs arent very good, so it didnt sound as good, but whateves, nice job

WritersBlock responds:

Yeah, I think it's better forwards, but it's just a bit of fun. Thanks for the review.


nice song

Im not sure how vocals would work, you would have to chop out the entire section below 700Hz, but it could work, and add lots of high harmonics.

The drums need some mastering to fit the rest of the song, and the issue with samples are no matter how you chop it, it is too repeditive, but it is still a great sample.

what is a DiZi? and what is KVR?

keep up the good work, awesome song, mixing either than drums is flawless
ok.. not flawless, flute sound could use some work in the high end

WritersBlock responds:

The DiZi, or mini DiZi is a VSTi (Virtual Studio Technology instrument). It's basically a little file that does the flute. Yeah, the drums were thrown together very crudely. I might try and fix them up a bit.
I'd probably add some effects to the vocals to make it sound more digital, but the instruments here sound more live than most synths, so that'd probably make it easier to blend. I don't know. We'll see how it goes.
Thanks for the review.


dont enjoy it quite as much, the strings could use a little cut off the 5-9khz range, kinda hurts my ears, and i got my headphones on a low volume.

piano part is slightly repeditive, drums are good, but the random kick that stands out needs to be quieted down.

also, i notice you have a LUCKSPIN or whatever in there, its kinda hidden, but still too obvious since everyone and their dog uses fruity loops

i like the ending pad use though

DomesticTerrorist responds:

Yeah, I was just doing an experiment to show my friend what FL studio can do without any external products at all :P

thanks for the review!

another good one

not quite as good, intro instrument that sounds like it is clipping (not sure if it actually is or not) that also plays in other partds of the shong needs to be fixed or removed, maybe eq it a bit, reduce attack, increase a sustain, seeing as it has no sustain, and maybe give it a eq set above the maind synth, could be nice and catchy. the main synth is awesome, some occasional notes sound sharp or flat, dont know if this is the instrument or the actual notes it is playing, but it gets annoying at times, but in general it sounds awesome, theres the right amount of filter osc on it, is that some sort of preset? or did you make it.
also , i like the snare/clap thing, sounds high, but mellow and not harsh in any way, crash cymbol could be tuned back a little bit, they are higher than the rest of the drum, except the more reverberated snare, which sounds good where it is at.
um, also like the bass synth, though i would eq down a bit on the higher frequencies of its attack, and eq up on the lower frequencies around 200 hz?

innu, just suggestions and oppinions, im not very good at making music...

also i like the soft strings in there, nice touch

DomesticTerrorist responds:

Thanks man! I noticed some of the things you mentioned myself but it would be hard to fix each one without compromising the songs integrity. I think the sharps and flats you notice are from the synth presets, some of them do that on purpose. The synths are all Sytrus btw.


i wouldnt concider this fully industrial, but it is amazing, very well mixed, nice soft drums, lead is in lead, but not too strong in any frequency range, just close enouhg to sound great.
love the weird scratchy distorted snare like thing that happens every bar.
if there is a kick, its too soft, but sounds like you just got low echoings of synth taking the place of kick.
very nice overal, great melody, and catchy, intro and outro kinda weak, but it makes it have a great loop

i was listening to it for 20 min without noticing, good job

DomesticTerrorist responds:

Haha thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I suppose it would be classified as "Aggrotech" but most people call it Industrial/EBM

Thanks again!


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