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its fun, but as i got through the song, it would be more and more off, until iad to actually take out my headphones because a different part of the song would be playing

maybe put in something that checks the amount of songtime that has passed, and plays the song starting frompartway through if it is off?

aside from that it was awesome, never got around to the harder songs because only the first 25 seconds of each song was fun, but whatev, i guess back to rock band


Even thought the game wasnt very fun, i quite enjoy the music... hahaha

im very thankful you used my song in your submission, i guess you hear and reveiw all my stuff anyway

but yeah, i guess i dont really have anything to say

well, except:


Little-Rena responds:

I thought it was very fitting for an april fools flash, lol. I also liked it.


took 524

levels 27 and 28 were the most fun

though this game iseasier than some old nintendo gasmes simply because of infinite lives and checkpoints, which is why people play it more than those old nintendo games

only thing i didnt like was the touchiness of the controlls, slight acceceleration and deceleration would be nice, but i guess not too much because it would make the controls sloppy


i had flash version 9,0,45,0
i needed version 9,0,47,0

so i clicked on your link to get the most recent version

and it gave me version 9,0,45,0


fun game

no pause button

hitboxes were crap

ending was odd

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks for the review. Yeah, my coding skills are not that good yet, and a pause button was just too hard for me. Making time stop in games are not as easy as it might seem, or maybe Im just not good enough yet. I'll try to figure something out for the sequel. The hit detection was crap I agree, but it was the best I could do at the time. They will be improved on...


a fun and simple game, the begining was a lot harder than the end, because once you got satans touch or orb of god it was pretty smooth sailing, orb of god was way more stacked than satans, cdause it was slower, and how often are you on the right side of enemies unless just the the right of them to lure them from the castle

anyways, fun game, and only dissapoiintments were when i got a stat point i couldnt use because i had everything, and when the game was done


when it said press menu to go to next event, the menu button didnt work


is tom gonna put in a pink castle crasher now? hahaha, that was brilliant

only thing i didnt like was how the skull didnt have the beard


ive never been that obsessed with a game in a long time

i think i got carpel tunnel or something from it, part of my right forearm really hurts

anyway, regiculously awesome graphics, funny plotline, nice upgrades, and the choice of going two different ways with the upgrades

flaws in my oppinion were:
level 42 was rediculously hard for some reason, i didnt mind the difficulty so much, as the fact that all the levels after were really easy in comeparison, some of them i opened all the huts at once for more excitement
the my little pwny was crap, it was just not a very effective spell, and it was the hardest to get, i still think the euthinasia was the best, but the cage was good for the super heros, and the freeze was good for when there were 4+ ninjas in a hut
the game froze on level 45, i dont know why, it wasnt even in one of the worst parts of lag
in level 43, the game started lagging really bad, and my hand started zooming at weird amounts, until suddenly it was upside down and taking up a quarter of the screen, it was a little odd

all in all though, this game was really fun, and i enjoyed it, my only dissapointment was that there was no boss at the end


noy a big fan of about 3-4 songs playing at once, thus, you get a 0


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