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this game is just so fun... I cant stop!

And now I have beaten it, with only 2 fancy roofs for the yellow building.

I love how simple and addicting it is.

I wish my phone supported this game.

nice programming

the only thing you need to realise about newgrounds, is most of them dont care.
They want cartoon styled (heck, i do too, ubt i know bitmap looks much better for 3d in flash), and most impotantly, gameplay.
If it isnt fun to play, you gonna get blammed.
So in other words, you need to spend more time on making it fun, aka steering, and maybe powerups, i know, people say that for games all the time, and it is because it adds entertainment to the gameplay. Andjust out of curiosity, what programming style did you use for the ground? because i am working on a 3d game myself, and had to resort to only api, and movieclips.


althought the art was shitty, that was the most fun wiggi submission i have played yet, seriously
i mean because of the art and stuff, you probably wont place, but you have my respect or whatever, if that means anything. I can honestly say that either than the art and annoying wiggi music, I wouldnt have changed anything

uhh. one thing

you dont have your audio listed anywhere.
this bothers me

Woods-house responds:

Yes i keep forgetting to list the audio :(


so, all the people working on platform games in the tut all have wiggi submissions.
alright, so. You did a good job with this game, there are just a couple things i would fix up.

1. when alphaing movieclips with several layers, set the movieclips layering option to blend (in bottom properties bar).
2.your ship is too big and slow, I had this same problem when trying a spaceship game. Youwant a small ship, with faster manuvererablility.
3. with a smaller ship, you can have more enemies, making the game faster, and more exciting to play.

4. IMPORTANT. you NEED the wiggi preloader, otherwise your game is not qualified, i suggest you make a version with that loader and update this game asap, otherwise you wont be in the comp.

good luck

iamironman responds:

i had a word with the guy behind the sceens. he siad if i wanted to i could make my own loader.

and im going to go update the game now. thanks for your review


game seemed iffy, i didnt really feel the physics of it, especially when getting aropund the people i thought i was supposed to save.

3 tips:
1. when alphaing movieclips with multiple layers, set the blend mode to layer.
2. dont shape tween scrolling text, it messes up some letter, make it a graphic and motion tween it.
3. dont make the background scroll more than the forground, make it scroll a fraction of the foreground. (it looks like it goes with the character, a very bizzaire way to do it).

nice idea though, good luck with the comp

code-mast3r responds:

Thanks tor your tips!


crap, There is actually competition now for wiggi compeditors, well, i guess it was bound to happen.

good: game was fun, voices done well.

bad: if you pressed one button too closely after another (not even that close for some moves), it would make you loose that section.
also, there was terrible lip syncing, i would just leave the mouthmovement out for the tutorial, because it is so annoying.
some of the text gets cut off on the left and right in tutorial

Wonchop responds:

Yeah, not really proud of that talking loop, but anything to avoid time-consuming lipsync. ^^;

fun game

nice entry, it was entertaining, although there were a few annyoing things.
1. you had to jump to get of first playform, you couldnt just hold left.
2. you couldnt land on the finnish, if part of the finnish was overlapping a pop up.
3. pop ups popped up when you got extremely close to them bothering me.

either than trhat, nice game and good luck with the comp

gankro responds:

1. Gives you a chance to think/prepare
2. What do you mean?... you can land on all of them...
3. Thats what pop ups do... and it was even more sensitive before...

either than that... thanks.

nice game

thanks for the reveiw.
I actually played your game when it came out, and liked it. I was going to reveiw yours, and then my FL studio I ha open desided to have one of its fail with an OS something. anywho.

game is fun, animation is good. except for the buss dropping off the garbage, that slow and unanimated clip. after that, everything is awesome and fun to play. Sometimes I had confusion with where seeds could land and stuff, but I got used to it after a bit. Garbage cleaning up idea was great, wish I thought of it.
oh, and the teeth on your guy scares me, but i guess its all good.

good luck on the competition too, your game is the only real one that seems worth anything so far. I dont like the other ones that have high ratings, they are too lame and get boring too fast

wow, thank you so much!

i did NOT know that there was a _currentframe property, I checked flash help and google to see if there was something like it, but was never able to find anything.
I have always had to have variables that saves what frame something is on, but this is going to make all my programming so much easier, thank you!


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