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beginning was boring, middle was fun, end was tedius
i guess you cant change that too much, it is simply howe this type of game works, may i suggest making different colours for each generation going, that might make it cooler, and also make the highest not a little quieter or lower pitched. it hut to hit 10+ atoms in a second


i liked the art, and the victory was funny, but got repetitive


sorry, but with a song loop that short, you gotta make sure it loops properly, it was runnign tat like 15/16 time, ow my ears and brain

CerebralGames responds:

Thanks for the comment, but I think is a bit "extreme" to give us 0 just for the music.


sidechaining, eh?
wow, learn something new every day.

when I ,mix in my kick, i usually have a peack controller control the lower end of my paramic EQ for the bass, I thought i was being clever, but i guess it is pretty much sidechaining.

Shit, i want to get a bunch of people together and make a FL tutorial for NG, cause everyone has different little techniques, and everyone could basically learn from everyone else, as well as teach others how to do stuff. eh? eh?

Nav responds:

Yeah, Sidechaining is a pretty widely known technique. I'm glad you learned something :)

An FL Collab Flash would rule.

Thanks for reviewing!


sooo broken

bomb game doesnt work for shit, most of the bombs dont hurt you, or get effected by bullets.

walking animation fucked

walking is way too slow

battles are boring

but good attempt, you definately have the right idea


i really liked the last two, this one was slower though, but has potential.
you basically made every part of the game drawn out by making it a maze.

also, as others said, squit part freezes.
and I would really apprecieate a volume button or something


reminded me of chips challange
also, glitch:
when you stand on a square before an object appears thee, you dont collect it.
this is really bad on cracked floors cause then you gotta restart th while level

alright couple things

game is fun and entertaining, i played it yersterday, and i am playing again today.
you need a save feature
you need a volume control, cause songs anly play once, and then stop, so i have to pause my music while the song plays once, and then play my music when it is done.
the knife doesnt do anything to big fish, i guess it isnt supposed to, but it should.
the portal teleported me into the octopusses tentacles, and i died instantly, and the game froze...
either than that, this is an amazing game, and i really wish i could find out what the viking hat, and the weird hourglass shaped thing do.

Kuramu responds:

I was affraid the music would annoy people if it repeated too much. Since i wrote the music, I'm a little self conscious about it. I'll think about letting it play more often


fun game, but about the note on the chest, they wrote that before they were attacked, they dropped that. How would they write a note about the fact they knew they were gonna be attacked?

fun game

Though a couple things.
your physics design for slopes you are supposed to run up are weird, cause if you try to do anything either than what you are suposed to, you can go flying bizzaire directions.

GLITCH!!!!!! - if you are on a ledge, and mr.pants is on his one foot and leaning over the edlge all sketchy like, and you try and duck, it shows the ducking animation for one frame, and then goes back to the leaning/swaying animation, and he is stuck there, I assume this is to do with the programming with the ducking animation, but i just thought you should know that


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