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what a great game

a simple, yet well controlled, we animated, entertaining game. The strategies needed to kill the enemies were descent, a good choice of weapons, and many upgrades. It was such a fun game to play.

the only thing is, when you shoot, if you quickly go one way and then another, your gun will shoot both directions, while onl using up one bullet, although it makes it more fun, just thought id let you know if you didnt already

awesome game

though its kind of weird, how each one seems to be a game or somethign, even though it really is
this game was alot more fun than the first one, witch was just kind of a follow the trail
the e = m*c^2 was a little odd
and it took me forever to realize toy could zoom in on the lighthouse picture
the button should have been bigger
but what a fun game
i got 19/20 secrets, would anything amazing happen if i got the last one?

advice time

alright, good work so far, but there are too many glitches for subission yet
the ball often goes inside the paddles as they jump up and down, making it sketchy
also, the game is very slow, times the fps by at least 5, because both the ball and paddle goes to slow
and the ball needs to bounce higher
last thing, the gamer you saw was very rescent, so not that many people are going to give you a good vote, because you copied the idea within a week

if you fix this game up for a month, make it better than thew lighting pong, then people will have forgotten about that one and yours would be great

good start

if you made the game longer, it would be alot more fun
the only problem was that the character moved way too slow, so i had to like look around the room i am in as i waited to get from one side to the other
but either than that it was fun
and the art was neat

Amazing, yet simple

this was a very entertaining game, and suprisingly long for its type
the bosses were very clever, especcially the dumpster, how it was part of the scenery.
I enjoy how you could get different hand powers, and that it actually had ammo, while also using one hand for an mp3 player
the last boss should have been an ipod, unless they would get mad.

I also really enjoy the music, because i had never known anyone else who had ever heard of gogol.
I have colpetewly different songs by him, but for the most part, i just kept playing the game cause i liked the music
though start wearing purple would have been a good song for it too

the duck button was completely neccesarry
The first time i pressed it, i didnt know i did, and was confused why the duck wasnt dying, but once i realised it i just started laughing

pretty awesome

this game had
-some amazing 3D programming
-great puzzle idea
-30 jam packed levels
-complecated and mind boggling level design (mainly 16, 19, and 23)
-entertaining background
-save feature (i think)
-and lag free, with movement just by moving your mouse

what an amazingly fun game

the only two things i would like to request to make this even better, are music and at least a "CONGRADULATIONS" when you beat the game, unstead of just going back to the menu screen

but keep up the outstanding work


lags a hell of alot, i have never had a lagging problem with any game before
the game is descent, but you also cant turn off the sound of the bullets

and how the hell do you beat the first level, there is a dead end, i looked up through all the buildings, killed a bunch of guys, and got the dual guns, but still nothing

pretty fun game

this game is both amusing and challanging

it has some really difficult and interesting puzzles to play, and the sound effects and music are fun too

and for you people reviewing below me
who the fuck cares if this person doesnt like some dumb progam, it doesnt mean the gasme is a 0, ignorant pricks

good game

the only glitch i found was when i had steel protector on (secret armour) and then switched back to iron armour for the fun of it, the steel turned to iron

TylerProjects responds:

Thanks! I found out the bug with this.
Its meant to be Iron armour. But the name is assigned as Steel protector by mistake. :p


that was a terriffic game, the cut scenes were really awesome too

except i spent forever with the crocodile because i couldnt see the pipe
because you can only click on the bottom of it


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