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it was ok

but the buzzing sound first of all is annoying.
also, having to say you were sure every time was annoying, plus would give kids a chance to cheat: look at all questions quickly, press any one, and then think.
also, odd one out? i wouldnt have guessed seperate names by gender, technically that is supporting sexism, as well as discrimination.
lastly, everyone breathed at the same rate, which bothered me.

drawings were good though... yeah, and music

fun rock out game

i was just like one of the people before me, i started off with a D on the first one, and got an A on the last one, but it was a fun game, so crazy.

the only thing i didnt like wsas the arrows were spinning 3 imentional, and i dont think they should have been like that with everything else already being crazy

BurningBunnies responds:

But it's a craaaaazy 3D effect! :D I personally like the fun little whizzy arrows, so they're here to stay!

Thanks for the good review!

It's a decent game...

First of all, do all games "of the next level" include buttons with a missing "hit" frame (the next level button, it was kind of annoying).
the graphics were nice, which made is probably why it got voted high for a rock out game, but the game[play was boring, the notes just had to be touched by the dot, there was very little movement possible, and no satisfaction hitting each note. Also, winning was more of a dissapointment than anything because of how little you get.

am I the only one who thinks this is amazing?

seriously, this game was like the first rock out game, and i still think it is the best.
everything else is simple and could be made within a week, this subission is downright crazy.
the collected things actually blend in with the background when youy get them, and it actually acts like g-force, i mean HOW DID YOU DO THAT? its crazy.

if it were up to me this game would win.
rock out.

fun game

I had never played dance dance revolution before, so this game was really challanging at first (the smiley level and on), it took me playing on 3 seperat occasions to actually beat it, because i had to learn to follow the arrows and not the music.
it was a pretty good game overal, lacked originality, but whatever, and i liked the intro/lildwarf song.
2 things though:

1. Your lildwarf introduction is too long and boring for what it is.
2. once i got the pick of destiny, it said "enter score", and i pressed menu, at the menu i noticed i didnt get the bonus. you may wantto fix this glitch, because it is very dissapointing.

LilDwarf responds:

Ah how embarrassing...>_< I'm gonna change my logo when my tablet gets here and make a new intro :)

You need to finish the unlocked challenge in new game before you get the cheats.

oh my god this is so tyranny

i remember playing a game when i was younger just like this called tyranny, had the same level background, style of bullets, and even the same sound as the words attention came up, i dont care what other people thought you copied, but i know it was that game.
though you should have made the orange boxes destroyable for points, and be able to buy weapons at the end of each level


that is so an idea from that old game wormhole
kudos, i miss that game, it was so much fun

also, your loading screen didnt work on my computer


there is one glitch i have found when using the shotgun. As soon as you start reloding, pres esc and the game will pause but you will contunue to reload. as soon as the reloading finnishes, you can unpause and be back where you were with a full shoptgun.

for making the sequel, it would be amazing if you actually got to go around and search for weapons and survivors, and maybe even make a storyline out of it

Great game

I haven't actually played it yet, but the title screen made me comelled to write a review. The graphics were grate, a simple design for style, with the name of the game, and basic instructions. The music was very nice, a desent length beat with different drums and hits and was still interesting after a few times through. The main thing that interested me were the bubbles in the background. It actually looked like many bubbles were moving at different speeds, but was just 2 different tweened images, I like the simplicity but with style.
I gave a 9 on interactivity cause the rollover images weren't exciting.

ps. if you don't reply to your coments after the first couple of pages, of your reviews, you can look more professional

Outrage92 responds:

Lol. I'm not up to look professional, I'm only 14. But thanks for the great review and everything. And there are no tweens in my bubbles, they are scripted and attached to the stage and move up at random speeds with random widths/heights.

very creative

This was a very interesting game. I liked playing a puzzle game with a new style. If you made another, all I would say is make more options and music to mask the sound, or an off buton for the sound. This game was very fun, but I can not beat the 16th level, with all those bloody pink things. Did you just press the buttons in a random order, and then drew the pink things where the tree wasn't and rings where it was?

Komix responds:

yeah, haha I really couldn't think of any other challange with the boss dificulty


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