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I'm writing the review as i listen, and I will choose the star count at the end.
the little delay effects are.. interesting, some sort of modulated thingy with ping pong delay, I guess it works, though you may not want ping pong delay when it is so obvious (aka when there isnt much to hide it)
all in all the intro is pretty awesme, loud but mellow, great for an intro.
that sliding in bass is a little much for when the vocals come in, but the vocals, i gotta say, are funny. there is a nice amount of reverb on the voice, quite a long bit of delay, but i guess its pretty unnoticable to most.
the instruments are pretty good, the reverb on the lead after the initial vocals, well, the reverb is eq'ed to high, you need to lower the high pass on the reverb for it.
the bass is too, well eq'ed too high for what kind of bass it is, doesn't really fit with it, i suggest usiing a second instrument of moderate volume playing the same notes, and then eq the bass lower for everything above 500Hz.
ew, you used ahh choir, you need to eq down more on that, i can hears its inientional messed up formats, so ya, eq the shit outta those choir noises and perhaps add choorus or a flanger, so you cant tell what it is.
and personally, i dont like audience sounds, but i guess some people do.

to be honest though, all reviewing aside, this song is pretty damn good, sorry if my critisism was mean, but ima give you a 10.

also, were those vocals a guy's or a girl's?

syphonmax responds:

First off you are by far one of the most helpful reviewers I've ever had and I love you for that XD

Secondly, no idea if it's a girl or boy might be both O_O

Thirdly you are amazing at spotting all those things =D

Fourthly Thanks man and your criticism wasn't mean at all just honest =]


i gotta say the sudden extreme change in theme was a little much. I mean, yeah you can make the first part go into the second part, but you need some sort of transfer, it just is way to out of place. Aside from that, the mixing on this is pretty good, the song definitely has potential, though it is a little bit quiet.

Druids-Warcry responds:

thanks for the feed back! i know it was just a demo

i was making this song one day when i was inspired to write but im not sure where i was going with it, haha i might pick back up on it! thanks for the review bliss means a lot to me


the guitar riff is pretty neat, but there are some flaws.
the toms have too much reverb, well, thats how they are, slap a compressor on them.
the creash or whatever you used as a hi-hat for the entire song, it seems to fade out and back in or something, messes with the beat.
the snare could use some compression and an EQ boost at about 10kHz to make it a bit louder
the kick, well, is there a kick? if there is, i cant hear it. slap a bass boost on it, as well as a blood overdrive (if this is FL, which i think it is)
aalso, sidechain your ckick with the guitar, not with its volume, but with the 500Hz range of it.
oh, also put some reverb on the guitar/piano before the distortion, and eq the guitar up at 5kHz
the strings are nice too, EQ them up at 15-20kHz

OPQC responds:

agree with the drums. the crash thing was under controll... too loud and the same things u said... (damn me) i did quiet down the snare a little bit. so i noticed that thing now. and there's the kick... but it's so poor one. i have to edit it louder.
yea, i don't use FL. and the every guitars are that piano. edited ones. i could add the reverb there, it's possible, and i think it could be better then. agree.
u noticed the strings? i tought no-one doesn't never hear the strings.
thanks for so good comment! and thanks for those kHz informations. they really help me.


you have a good idea of what a good song has. A lot of echo and tricks used with it. First things first, for the beginning of the song, it came off a little loud. For at least the first couple of hits you may want to slap a filter on it, would really help.
Also the delay you have going off your first 2 instruments, there should be an option to reduce the volume of the initial echo by a certain amount, I recommend you use this. I know you wont want to, but it helps distinguish the beat a little more, and if you want it to last as long, just reduce the decay a little bit.
I notice yes, a lot of delay, but not much reverb, with a song like this, you will want a reverb. Reverb will fill in those empty spaces in the song, and just make it feel that much more fill. Lead instruments will want about 6 ms of reverb, low and high shelf reduced a bit. The more background instruments probably want 1.5 seconds or so of reverb, and have a lot of low, or high, depending on what the song needs at the time.
I really like the high BP'ed echo on that one instrument, I'm guessing its a preset installed into the instrument, i don't care, its awesome.
Your drums are fine for now, very minimalistic, and fits the song perfectly. your high hat seems very out of place in parts, sometimes you need to EQ the shit outta that bastard to get him out of the way, and usually chorus/flanger/phaser it back a bit, adds a nice bit of LFO diversity if you do the latter.

finally, the Slayer. Please don't.
Use one of the string samples, or even the Sytrus, and add some distortion to it.
You will want to DL some different distortion VST's and try em out, one of the keys in your distortion is to not actually distort it too much, just enough to make it sound like a guitar.
i suggest tubeBaby for high high guitars, fuzz plus for pretty much anything.

also, fade outs are cheesy and from the 80's, don't do it, its a trap.

Oh, and thanks for that review you gave me. Probably the most useful review I have ever gotten.

SFaPiL2 responds:

Wow, thank you VERY much. This review's a gold nugget of info. I'm taking notes and trying to imagine where I was supposed to do those things in FL. Unfortunately the demo FL studio 8 doesn't let me save projects so this one's over and done with :'(.

Replying to some parts:

"...there should be an option to reduce the volume of the initial echo by a certain amount... I know you wont want to...": Oh, trust me, if I had the chance to modify this project I would've at least given it a try :o).

Regarding the echo delay and reverb bit, I'm still new to that stuff. I must learn from some tutorial somewhere. I'll definitely keep those tips in mind for future creations, tyvm.

Regarding the Slayer generator. Really? Does it sound that bad? I thought that everything else (guitar-wise) except for the electric guitar in sytrus sucked ass.

Last thing. About the fade out... I ran out of ideas ;o). Consider it was 2:30 AM when I was still on this and said to myself "fuck this, I'm done."

"thanks for that review you gave me. Probably the most useful review I have ever gotten.": I believe that music reviews should help the artist evolve. This review you wrote is the best example of what I aspire in a review I write... thank you.


the kick at 1:15 clipped and was distorted, when she says "why"

it is the only note inm the entire song that clipped, but i just thought you should know

very awesome song, epic strings, quite full

like the echo eqing, nice song


the voice was clipping, record using something like audacity (its free, and really smalla and simple) and just make sure that the waves dont pass the edges of the area, cause then it clips, and it ruins it

its when he says "but"


the bass needs to be an octave higher, you dont really want too much below 100Hz, due to the insane amounts of dB it kaes up from your song, eats up all the volume, ans hurts the head.

Arnman16 responds:

Sweet! Ill keep that in mind for next time. thanks for the review!


I can tell you are using some sort of pitch modulation program, what is it by any chance? (dont really care much for the vocoders)
I'm using powerTracks, and it really old, and ghetto, im looking at new stuff.

the panning with the drums is a little much with the minamalistic type of song, though the drum beat IS pretty awesome, and the suble saw is pretty awesome

Arnman16 responds:

Hey! another review? your on a roll. Thanks for the time!
For the verses I used a Pitch Corrector called Gsnap. For the Chorus I used the Vocoder plug in that came with FL studio. :)


to be honest, i accidentally clocked it, the name was dumb, your picutre made in paint makes you look like you are 12, and im impresed by the quality of this song, pretty decent eqing, the bass of one of the later clicky background isntruments is a little high for about 4 hits.
a little too much reverb on one of your lead instruments, but aside from that, i really like it, good job.

yagru responds:

i'm 4


there are 2 different things you could do that could fix this, both involve duplicating an instrument

either make another copy of your low bass distorted thing, or your synth, and get rid of some of the reverb, and eq it high from 400Hx to about 2300Hz
compress the shit out of it, sidechain it to the rest of your instruments (maybe not the synth strings) and then make it come in at around 18 and fade in, to the point at around :37 where it would play that sweet lead tune you got going on there.

heck, i got time this week, i dont know if you wanna give it up, but I wouldnt mind makin a revamp pof it, asnd send it back to you to submit, just put my name in the comments? eh? eh?

i dont know how good i could do, but i think it wouldbe fun to give a try, since your composition is pretty freakin awesome, just needs mixing

LightKeeper responds:

I could give let you have a crack at it if you'd like.
However, I'm not too interested in a resubmission however. I'd probably update this current submission and edit the comments w/ credit given where due to you if you produced a higher quality result. I reall do appreciate the asking to work on this piece. It means I did something right in there.

If you want to talk further on this PM me.


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