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most parts are pretty awesome, i like the giant gong/cymbol you use, except for the exiting hit, sounded weird

um, the synth part of your lead bass has a bit of annoyiong distortion in it

the choir has a weird sounding attack, making them sound more than just fake

the increase tempo deal really added effect, but when you got into about 1:13 , it just got way too busy for about 10 seconds, then was good again

overall good job


it doesnt sound like you recorded that audio, or made that track, they both sound too rediiculously pro, and if you did, then i want acid 5 and cool edit 2, fuck FL and Audacity

and why is there distortion on perfectly good voice tracks?
the choppinh thing was cool, but got repeditive

pookicker responds:

Hahaa, I've been using ACID and Cool Edit for 6 years on and off so, I hope it sounds pro!

I used distortion on the vocals because the clarity of our voices actually hurt the aggressive tone of the song. I'm stuck on sample chopping mixed with MIDI. I don't know why.

Thanks for the positive review!


on the 3rd and 5th notes in your little set, there was a lwish not that sounded off key, and kinda hurt.
drums and stuff come in way too late, and sound too stock
try layering drums, like having 2 different claps play at once
and maybe with a snare
and 2 different kicks
i like your second riff you had, but things still need to build more, you need a stronger bass, if that was supposed to be a bass, and for the tempo and tone of the song, you might want it to seem slightly faster, so maybe a hi hat between the kicks
you dafinately have the right idea with this song in my oppinion, it just needs more to complete it

keep up the good work

SkatingIsGenetic responds:

Ok thanks!

Sorry it took me so long to review XD.

But when, or if, I finish this, I'll make sure I take your words into consideration.


you do realise one of the rules about audio portal is you arent allowed sampling copyrited songs for your own song... this is just taking another song.... to bad there isnt any easy way to report this


i like that grungy bass, and all the background trebly things

the triplet parts make it sound sligthly arabic
whats the funny horn at 12-13 seconds?

and the main instrument, cant tell what the hell it is, hidden behind to many things, but it works really well

Rig responds:

That's an accordion. I wanted to go for the "insane clown" sorta feel :P
Thanks for the review! :D


ive had sex in a bathroom, and i swear to god, it sounded NOTHING like this, this is a brutal dramatization of the real thing


songs pretty awesome, sounds like theres alot of FL sytrus instruments in there
if you are going to use em, may i suggest at least messing with them enough so they cant be noticed?

but aside from that, you did a very good job of combining the intsruments to sound good, the build through the song sucks after the intro, but the fact that it sounds great makes up for it

also, the drums need to change at some point

all in all... keep up the good work, you have the potential for great musicings

KatnipKitten responds:

Thanks a lot man, I'll keep that all in mind

...my god

this song is amazing

what the hell is that acidy dropy noise that you used for the lead

Spikrodd responds:

THat is an overdriven sub kick. You take that sample, then send it thru a SVF x2 filter, set the MODx to bout 50 percent, MODy to whatever you wish. Then set the pitch so it slowly decreases pitch.



are where are most of the samples from? i recognise the computer error one, the breakbeat drums one, and one that i dont know how to explain

though you did make it all sound cool together, you should have at least made it pretend to be a song by have an instrument play with it, maybe a midi guitar

keep up the ... good work

ok,, so

sounds nice and pretty,
the piano that plays less notes should be less compressed, because it sounds illy when the reverb is trying to hold a note

aside from that, and the fact the open high hat could use a little higher eq at 5khz, this song is pretty nice and simple

i like how the drums come in and fit perfectly with the rest of the song

also, slight flaw with the repeditivity, this sound would have been just fine at 1:50 timelength or so


pretty awesome, you just need to work on mixing

compress your voice more
eq the crash's 4800+ hz up more
pan the shaker so you can put more around 1500 hz
reverb the bg vox more
have the guitar/bass eqed up more and louder for some of the parts where you werent singing and it wasnt
was that chorus or flange at the end that was sounding all wobbly?

BreakingFaces responds:

Sorry dude, but your lingo is just too technical, I don't understand.


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