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funny how it sounds more like bounc3 than basshunter, meh

also, song is great and all, but i dont know why it is rated so high, i like some of your songs more than this one


I clicked on the song because of the awesome name, and reveiwed cause it was actually good.
the osc synth sounds awesome, and the strings are good, but the bleepy leadish instrument kinda got annoying after a while, but this may well be because the song didnt build, also, the kick needs fixin, but everything else is awesome, has potential to become a really good song


song is outrageously amazing, i have to say, BUT

if you are making drum and bass, you gotta know what instruments to give more bass too, I think cetain instruments you had either had too much (pads and piano) and some had not enough (kick needed some 500Hz, synth coulda used more bass) its still amazing though, im not gonna go into it, cause its too much

raretools responds:

Thx for the tip and great review.


pretty good, the kick was nice and strong, almost too strong, just enough though.

guitar sounds great, both of them

only flaw in my oppinion, is when you have the crashs go off on the left side, it emphisises how much the drums are panned to the right, which is bad. the drums would be great if it wrent for that, and maybe center the high hat a bit, but only the really high end of it


instruments are a little slow, its like a downbeat dnb, i dunno, the first lead was dull, but the drums are good, and the rest is good, if not slow

also, you need to mix the highs and lows a bit more, but its all good

Peptotrippin responds:

Oh damn. I forgot about this one.


first 12 seconds i thought it was a joke song, i was about to give it a zero and leave

but it is good, only suggestion from me is removing the destortion from the kick
seriously, ow

but good job, nice song, everything else is good


nice sounds, but you went a little to far
it sounds great, but because iof the glitchyness, it doesnt hold a beat, sorry

seraphimpaled responds:

thanks for the constructive criticism, i never really thought of it that way as to being glitchy i know what youre saying... i was just looking for the feeling of deep thought in it. like when i sat and made this and perfected it playing it over and over i would get into deep thought, and thus more work came out of it. thanks for the review.

hahaha nice

this is pretty awesome. Is that a vocoder with alot of low equing behind the other voice? how many effects do you think you put on your voice, i like it, makes it sound more original.

I like it more than instrumental, through the 2:10 part for a bit is boring, cause the lack of insruments, ubt i guess i have just never liked ambient, the rest of the song is great, i like the random extra little voice things.

Gillenium responds:

Thanks! If you're not an ambient fan, I'm not sure how you found out about me XD

No vocoders were used. I had used a lot of filters on my last "rapping" song Hazard, so I left this one pretty filter-free. The back-up voices were just my singing part with a lowered pitch. Nothing fancy really. I'm still trying to perfect this type of song, and yes I am currently working with vocoders for future songs (you're a mind-reader!)

hahaha awesome

Ididnt expect it to turn pout how it did from the begining, but it was still good, beggining was amazing though

i like the sound of the piano when you go off key (intentionally?)
also, i like the panning drums, makes it happier.
good use of a variety of instruments, something i only wish i could do

drum beat gets slightly repeditive, but only near the very end, wouldnt be a loopable song cause of that, in my oppinion.
I also really like the synth near the end, and the darude sounding hit synth.


sounds really good, kinda sounds like at was all the instrument, but it is obvious you mixed it, it is nice, but when you cut it out for a bit, instead, it should come in with a different pattern, then fade out later and have the other thing

also, the intro is too irrelivant to the song, sometimes you just gotta take things out if they dont work

eithe rthan that good stuff


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