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sounds really good, kinda sounds like at was all the instrument, but it is obvious you mixed it, it is nice, but when you cut it out for a bit, instead, it should come in with a different pattern, then fade out later and have the other thing

also, the intro is too irrelivant to the song, sometimes you just gotta take things out if they dont work

eithe rthan that good stuff


in your attempty to be ambient, you made the song have almost nothing in it, until 1:00
Also, the kick gets very repeditive

little riffs sound good, but dont go well together


why dont you make music anymore?


some of these are pretty good, others i can tell exactly how you made them.

also, so if i use your sound effects in a game, should i credit this song in the audio?

Rig responds:

Yes, crediting me would be nice. :)
Thanks for the review!

Wow, good stuff

This song does have the same feel as all your other songs, but it also has a unique outside feel. This is good in my oppinion, because when I listen to your music, every song always sounds so similar, but this one is like an upgrade.

I mean, it still has the same styled intro with the pause and the higher tempo after, and the same sounding upper part of the bass, but at 0:45, you go into some crazy synth/bass rampage, which sounds amazing.

Thank you very much for making such amazing music.

also, by any chance could you tell me what in the world you used to make those drums that I hear at 0:45 (the hi hat and what sounds l;ike a reverse snare)

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

Thanks for the long review MusicIsBliss :)
Well most of the synths from the 00.42 section are from a Roland Juno 60
The drums are arranged by me by using some Loopmasters samples

you have potential

I like some of the effects you used, yet some of them, not so much, especially the offbeat drum at 1:20 or so.

The main synth instrument gets boring after a while, it needs to change up at some point to add variety to the song, and you shouldnt have more than one portion of the song where only that instrument is playing, you must keep the song busier, though not to busy. Just enough to hold peoples attention, another thing, is it almost sound as if you are having different insturments in different keys (aka bass).
Good luck though. voted fourfen


pretty good job for your first ever, I sure cant make my music sound this good, making me jealous.
Has a really nice variety, goes along, but never changes hard enough to loose the beat, very well done, although some of the bass sounds muddy, that would be my only complaint, a need of eqing a bit more, either than that it is really interesting.

And I like the name, the only reason i found this song, is because I wanted to see who got this song name before me...

good jorb.

zOmBiE1029384756 responds:

thanks, its not really my first ever, its just the first i've ever submitted.

ok, this is great!

really good job on this song, although the blippy main instrument does get very repeditive by the end of the song, you may want to make it transition at about 30 second in, and go back at like 1:10 or so, before the cool part at 1:30.

But ya, your music does transition a little slow, it may work better if you get things a little catchier, but that is hard to do, it is more of doing random things until you fluke out and find gold.

I like the drums too, really good job on putting them in. and whatever that is at 0:54, its awesome!

Jimbobsthebest responds:

Thanks for your review. The main synth does get really very annoying, I completely agree. One of those things that you don't really notice when your in the process of writing... nevermind. I think your right, i need to work on my transitional style, most of my music will spend half the song on an intro and i need to try and wipeout that style sooner or later.

The sample at 0.54 says something like "when your knees start bumping and you heart..." although you wouldn't recognise that from the song... I went a little crazy with the vocoder.

Thanks for a great review, James


I love what you did with that z3ta loop, made it different, yet still sound good.
I would suggest not using that kick at the beggining, it is too generic, mix a couple together with layers, some from z3ta, and some from like, fl or something.
either than that, decent song

not bad

before 1:20, it is too repeditive, in the fact it needs to change more frequently, either than that, what you have is pretty good. Maybe even just make the drum beat switch up a bit, which sounds like some pretty generic drums. never use the generic drums, at the least just use 3 different generic drums, and attach them with the layer tool (one of the awesomest/simplest flash tools).
Baseline is nice and simple, and sounds great, the guitar sounds iffy, all the fl guitars do for that matter, if only there was a cure short of actual guitar recording, which can be tedious
actually, in your case, i would suggest maybe use even a midi guitar.
Ya, after listening a couple times, I would mainly suggest changing the drum beat up at least once in the song.

I got to this song by clicking the random audio submission, never done it before, thought I would give it a shot. And this song is good enough to make me look at the rest of your submissions, though I probably wont reveiw them.
geeze, submitted over 2 years ago, I wonder if you will ever read this....

Revuen responds:

lol yeah this was one of my first experiences with FL Studios. To be honest i still dont think i truly know how to use it lol. I have always been a fan of simple, yet catchy tunes but i like to hear a nice surprise here and there. Thank you very much for the review, i really was not anticipating to hear anything new about these old songs of mine.
- Revuen


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