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Wow, Impressive

I liked this song, i really like how the drumroll slides in like that, just because normally you dont hear it, and with the claps, it makes a really interesting beat that i now love

also, good job with blending in all the cymbol, it really adds to the effect

WritersBlock responds:

Hey, thanks for the review.


I don't know exactly why, but i find this funnier than it should be. Other people may not actually like the background music, but i think it is awesome. The didgeridoo sound makes it nice and laid back, the synth gives a little diversity and flow, and i really love the loud hi-hat that kicks in when the song goes from random comments to an actual beat. I have actually listened to this song 20 times since yesterday when i found it, and i still love it.

In my oppinion, the best work mixing job was when they finnish saying "cock and balls" and then say "neck massage", i laugh every fuckin' time.

My only complaint would be that the line "You strike a hard bargan, but DICK" would have sounded WAY better (to me) if he said "You strike a hard DICK"

keep up the good work, if I can, I want to make a music video to this song, but seeing as I have never made a full flash anything before, I'm not saying this will actually happen.

Rucklo responds:

Glad you liked teh songman, and not just the ┬┤humournes of it!
Hah, you're right, it would have been alot more fun if I had mixed it "You strike a hard DICK" instead, I'll have to twist around the words better next time I do something like this. :)

And it'd be really cool if you made a video out of this, it's a short song you know. COME ON, YOU CAN DO IT!!! :D

Thanx alot for the review, man!

wow, fucking awesome

if you make this into a song over 3 minutes, i will pay you 5-10$ strait up, the price depends on how good it is, like not just taking your loop and extending each part.

honest to god, i want to buy it, i am even sending you an email or message just so you read this.

blown away

I cant make ANYTHING sound good in guitar pro 5, this is amazing, i am so jealous of your skill.


I actually kinda liked it, except for a couple parts. But if you tried a bit morei bet you could make a song with this style that otyher people wouldnt seem to hate, haha, and i like the name


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