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test, that isnt a bad idea

you clever bastard, it makes me more motivated to reveiw.
um, well.
sometimes when the bell and shaker thing hit at the same time, it sounds too loud and obnoxious, so maybe tone em both down when they both play at once. or maybe just put em both in one channed and add a compressor.
also, some parts of this song, although it is supposed to be soft, need a bit more excitement, or at least have another instrument play, but that is just me i guess.

Deflektor responds:

Thanks for the review! And sorry for the response delay...

well gee..

I am judging for the mac 07 contest, and I have to say, the most difficult part of it to me, is choosing which of your songs not to include. This is only because out of 10 song, i think it would be slightly unfair if 5 of them were yours.

Your songs are all so epic and amazing, this is truely a difficult decision, I would have to say that this is my favourite though.

Also, I am sorry I have never reveiwed your songs, although I have listened to all of them, and voted on most. It is just, I really am not a classical music person, so I have no idea what to say about these, except that they are epic. And the samples are awesome, I wish I had something better than FL basics.

OK. i am actually going to try and reveiw this song.
Amazingly mixed. The drums being based mainly on the sticks was a vert nice concept, I think that is what makes this song my favourite, as well as the snare, with its abnormally flat sound, yet almost sounds as if it were played with a tom as well.
In some parts I can actually just hear the tom, so i beleive that is what you did.

The violins sound awesome, well, it sounds like there is more than one, did you use a sample of like, many violins together?
Also, I like the use of the bell, as well as the brass, as the first hit of each bar, gave it much more of an effect, more oomph to each bar, well played.
The loop is awesome too, sometimes i notice it, but more often I dont, another good job on your behalf.
I wish I had your talent.
And good luck with the competition, even if you don't need it.

MaestroRage responds:

Hello MusicIsBliss

I am glad you are taking things seriously for the contest, I agree that having 5 out of 10 songs being mine would be unfair, and truth be told there is a LOT of really great tracks in this contest that deserve a shot! So by all means, do not think I will be irratated by having some of them taken off. I personally feel that this is my favorite of the entries too, it's my most percussive oriented piece.

Don't worry about the reviews, I am glad you listen to them, if they can bring you some entertainment, that is all I wanted from them!

As for FL basics, you can try using soundfonts, that is what I did before I moved up to these VST's I have. www.sf2midi.com was my home for the longest time.

The percussion on this song is actually mad layered. I used pretty much every drum and wooden instrument given to me by the VST I was using.

Bass drum

All sticks, I forget their name, but they are there!

As for the violins, yes they are a 18 violin section patch. I was thinking of solo, but I just didn't like it like that. So threw in some 18 violin action in there.

As for my talent, I am fairly confident anybody could do what I could do, I neglected a LOT of school work for this craft, and from time to time, my grades would prove it ;).

Thank you for your review, I am glad you liked this piece alongside the others, and thank you for the luck, I am fairly sure it's going to be a bitter fight >:D!

hhahaha, nice

this sounds like something from a warcraft 2 game, honestly.
If it werent so midi sounding, and a little better mixed, you could have a fair chance at the contest.
oh, tune down the cymbols a bit, i know they give a good effect, but they hid all the other sounds, thats why you had to try to make some sounds jump out more.

freakin awesome

I love how the drums come in, like i know they come in on beat, but is sounds like the dont. and The drums just sound so awesome, with the bit of snap back or whatever the hell it is on every second snare.
this song kicks ass.
but i agree with mcRash, too short. either than that, i love it, and want to have a flash that this would fit in, so i can use it.

Kombat-Chuck responds:

sweet, I am glad you like it!


i totally heard part of O Canada in there man!
at :33, and again at :49
sure it is only 5-6 notes, but it still is totally "a true north strong and free"
or whatever.
anywho, nice song, good job with the orchestral feel. do you use samples or what? and if so, where can i get them.

crap, there are so many parts that are just twisted from our national anthom, you little sneak. good job.

Bezo responds:

I'm not very stealthy I must admit.

Most of the samples I use for my orchestral stuff come from the Vienna Symphonic Library, but they're really, really huge and really, really expensive.

If you'd like something almost as good I'd recommend the Garage Band Symphony Orchestra Jam Pack.

ok, THIS one is now my favourite

I have serisouly been listening to this song for over an hour and a half, and I plan on continuing to listen to it for a while longer. It is just so ingenious and well done. I love your sudden stops with the beat and music, goes beyond the meaning of syncopation (well, cant spell it, but whatever). Your drums consist of too different styles, bongos for the background, and then the nice crips drums in front keeping the beat, and leading the song... until that awesome guitar comes in as the drums EQ out a bit, and just kicks ass. Seriously, what did you do to get that awesome guitar sound? And like, the mario sound coming out of the guitar part, confusing to understand where it came from, but it sounds great. And is that a choir sound? or strings, that i can here mainly at the intro and ourtro, but fade in and out throughout the song?

what is a tabla...

LJCoffee responds:

Oh teh NOeZ!! I'm really sorry that this response took months... I just didn't notice a new review! 0_o

Where did the guitar sound come from - a guitar silly! Also, a tabla is a percussive instrument - those warped little "bongo" like sounds are made with a tabla - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tabla - :)


this is awesome, I always wished I could get strings to work on programs and make them sound good, just because recording with a guitar is a pain, and i hate using guitar picks (you need them if you want smooth sound).

This is by far my favourite song of yours, and I have been listening to it for an hour, without having to change it, Not often can that happen. Everything just sounds so smooth.

I like all the exhoing background synthy effects, they arevery subtle, but add alot to the song.

Keep up the good work

LJCoffee responds:

Hey wow thanks! I started with some very good samples - actually it's a combination of worked over samples and synthesized parts all mixed in together. I liked the end result though and I'm glad that you did too!


this song has great potential. But I agree with seraph, (his music is pretty good too), It really needs some mastering with EQ and stuff.
I would completely filter certain frequencies out of your toms and especailly your crash, bnecuase it steals from your instruments.
but the drum beat is pretty awesome, and so is the riff.
One day this will be a favourite of mine if you work on fixing it up a lot


this song is awesome, really nice drums, theres that hit in there too that is good.
horn sound gets annoying fast.
way to epic for a game.
doesnt loop the greatest.

good job though, i voted 5


I could actually see this as the song for that boss with the big thing on his back.
really well done, and sounds really epic in a mellow way, which is good.
only flaws, beginning has highs and lows, but no mid.
the other mid instrument that comes in sometimes sounds midi-ish

good job and good luck!


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