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wow, impressive

Im not one for classical, but i love this.
simple, yet catchy.
I like the echo effect you have, did you actually add an echo? or just play the same note quieter.
If you want to remove the repeditiveness, my sujjestion is have a violin come in playing the same melody, maybe slightly different, replace the echoed notes with other notes perhaps.
anyways, keep up the good work, this is one of my favourites by you


twilight zone
that was so awesome, i laughed pretty hard

the actual song is pretty awesome and seems to have nothing to do with twilight zone, but i guess it doesnt have to. Reallynice job with the synths, and quite a simple drum beat, but i guess it works for it. You seem to be obsessed with audience cheering and clapping. Dont do it, your music will end up like Scooter's


This is rediculously amazing. The amount of detail and effort you put into the different drum hits is awesome, and really adds to both the effect of the song, and the entertainment value of listening to it. The horns and other instruments work together flawlessly. how do you do it?

wolf-tech responds:

How do i do it?.......... if you have the answer to that question let me knw cuz i've been trying to figure it out forever. thanx for the rev.


this is funny as hell.
at first i wasnt even sure it was actually a cover of boogeyman.

i really enjoy it, because when i listen to this, i hear rob zombies vocals in my head going along.

also, this is one of the few of your songs where you didn't overdo the kicks bass

keep up the good work


this is definately my favourite of yours, i wasnt much of a fan of the other 3, but this one i find amazing, just a really good job with both the drums and the instruments. and the line in this one i actually like, opposed to the voice i heard in another one

loogiesquared responds:

...heehee it WAS a tradition, but it was annoying [to hear AND record]

hahahahahaha AWESOME

brings me back to the excelent days of moxy fruvous, awesome job.
did you use one audio recording part, and just edit the crap our of it? or did you make several audio recordings of each line

EdibleCastle responds:

not much editing involved. you're right it's just multiple takes all layered up.

fucking rights!

this is hands down my favourite submission, its got like a million styles compressed into one short awesome song.

if this game doesnt make it into the cc contest, i will be thuroughly dissapointed.

the funk sould mixed with the oriental piano at the beggining is definately my favourite part, and you do a reall good job with the ancient sounding drum bongos, as well as all the extra little effects


it was a good song, but seeing as the grums take up over 2/3 of the frequency range, you may want to have more variety than just one 4 bar loop of it, because my attention seems to focus more on the drums than anything


the song was well written, but something about the effect of the instruments, the main one seemed too midi, and the thing in general felt like it needed something more, but the actual song sounded cool and had much potential

good song, but

i dont think a majority of listeners will enjoy the instrument sounds used.
also, the drums are probably to heavy and fast for a videogame
i really like what you did with the drums though, nice work

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