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name scares me

what exactly is a nano, and what is it used for. Is it used in music, or more paticularily, this music? because I like this music, although it could use more nanos.
I wouldnt say this is techno though, it would even be more classified as rock in my ears, but that doesnt mean it doesnt kick ass for a 25 second loop, which has drums that have high highs compared to the rest of the song, but dont sound out of place.
it is defenitely simple straitforward and sooth, the three things i lack in making music you have down on your first submitted song, kudos.


I only really would have to say is that, i agree with m3ss on the kicks. Also when the snare comes in to full throttle, and is playing the same time as the claps, there is such a huge range of frequency between them, it sounds very akward, i would suggest mixing them different, but hey, im not the music pro here, you are so i'll just shut my mouth..

WritersBlock responds:

Me, music pro? Nah, thanks for the review though. If only I had an epic orchestral drum kit at the time I made this... lol, thanks.


this is definately a new style of 8-bit. although some of the drums dont sound 8-bit in any way, the song still kicks ass.
i really like the snare drumroll you did with the 8-bit snare though, made me laugh in a good way. awesome song, thanks, im DLin it

WritersBlock responds:

lol, cheers


the second instrument to come in, near the beggining and quietly, sounded like it was a note off. Maybe you intended this, but either way, kinda kills the beginning. the last half reminds me of mario 64, the lava level.

also, the ending goes loud. you want the entire song to be loud, because louder is better (to an extent), also, you may want to mix eq's a bit so that all intruments can sound louder without making the volume louder, well, the volume needs to be louder anyway, but hopefully you know what i am saying. I really like what you did with the song overal though, it just sounds like an awesome song half finnished.
also, most of it sounds like it building to something epic, but nothing comes.

great song

So how exactly do you do a music collab with that many people? each person does a part? each person does certain instruments? dfferent mixing parts? im curious.

ok, for the actual reveiw:
in the beginning there is a piano-music box sounding intrument that needs the top freq cut off, cause it bothers me.
the transitions throughout the song are great, and each part sounds really nice, and although they vary in style, it all goes together well.
at 2:47, when the instruments come in and out suddenly, it is kind of weird, but only for the first couple of seconds, just because i dont expect it.
all the effects afterwords are funny, but some of them need a bit of work on transitions.
good job guys

iros-industrial responds:

The collab was made by having each person make a different part. This let everyone keep their individual style.


it has the epic feel, yet doesnt rediculously overboard like the others, it has alot of diversity, so you can listen to it a million times while playing castle crashers, yet not need to turn off the music.
I love the change into the drumroll at :57, its amazing.
This is a neat beat, it definately is techno mixed with a castle crashers feel, very unique.
I also like the last 4 seconds how it goes back so smoothly, making the looping perfect

Rucklo responds:

Glad somone noticed how the song is looping, I love it when ppl notice small things one have made! Thanks for the review <3

ok, i know what genre this goes under.

this goes under the genre Awesomecore!, especially the synthy-horn second half, its so good. you are a great musicer, and i only wish i could be as good.
there like isnt even any drums in parts, oh my gosh!

Nostrap responds:

Yes awesomecore is really the only genre I write for, being the great musicer I am.


I like that weird scratching noice that comes in, it really caught me by suprise, but i didnt like the song before that part. and then the song progresses and becomes more awesome and more as it progresses more. nice build, wow. im listening to it while typing this and i am seriously likeing it more with every 4 bars, its awesome. Everything just gets louder and drums get faster (i think).
but what does it have to do with 7 and 11? and face for that matter?

face? ow

i like it, mellow but fast, a really weird feeling in my oppinion. I like what you did with the moving background isntrument that has like MAXIMUM REVERB, adds a great ambient feel. the really fast synth made me laugh


I really like this song too. The fast piano playing semi-quietly is really awesome, and then when the slower piano riff (is it still a riff with a piano?) comes in and is really awesome, it is a style i have tryed many times when making music, but never have been able to pull off. Also, i like the way the crash works in this song, as well as the ride and hi hat going throughout the song

only weird thing is that it ended so suddenly


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