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not as good

I like your other songs better, not that this one isnt good, but your highs are all to high, and your lows are all too low. no mid, kinda akward

i never played doom 3, only doom 2

this song is nice and mellow, different than the other songs of yours i have heard so far. I find it funny that even with this almost ambient track, the drums are loud, and i still like the drums. the loud notes at the end bothered me, either than that, this song is awesome

ok, THIS is definately DnB

This song kicks ass too, you are the only newgrounds artist i have reveiwed more than one submission for. wow.
this song is great, at first there were no drums, and i was confused and dissapointed, but only until the drums kicked in.
this song does have a flaw that really nagged at me, about halfway through, the stick sounds at 21 bothered me, but its probably just me
and the drum from about 40-50 i didnt like the irregular sounding fade on the offbeat hit.

either than that, great song


I really like your music, i love drums in music, no clue why.
Your music puts drums out there better than any other newground artist i have heard, and almost every professional artist. I mean, the drums in this are even slightly repeditive, but they dont get boring. How do you get uch good drum sounds, im jealous.


i like this song alot, and i really enjoy how you could have the drums playing so loaud, yet it sounded great with the music with this kind of style, i would amost call it DnB
Everything in this flows nicely, every instrument, every transition, every drum hit. I really cant find anything to critique, i love it

wow, I really like this song

the guitar sounds perfect, and with the other higher guitar that sounds almost orchestral with all the reverb and echo in it, the song really gives of a good feel.
the only flaw i could find in it, is sometimes it felt like an open hi-hat was needed, just so the cymbols didnt feel so out of place.

Metalcan responds:

Thanks for the kind words! I completely agree on the open hihat thing.

interesting idea

I like the drums pitched up like that, creates a nice effect, only flaw with it is when the cymbol and the kick come in, they seem REALLY out of place, both of em. and the lead instrument could be brought down an octave, just becauce it is the only instrument playing.

this song ha good potential, and i likey

I like it!

Really well done, well, pretty much all the stuff of yours i have heard is, but this is the one I want to reveiw.
The only thing that bothers me is that i cant tell what the instrument is that is sliding all over the place with no noticable attack.
I like how there are very faint parts of synth, and that it is an electronaica industrial orchestral song.
I would also have to say that my favourite part of this song is the claps, they are put in very well, strong, but do not overpower the song, that is my greatest musical flaw, overpowering with claps.
keep up the good work.

DavidOrr responds:

The thin sliding around is just some synth oscillator in the background, I'm not sure what that waveform is off of the top of my head, although the attack is very weak.

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the review!

haha awesome

you can barely tell that it is beatbox after the first part.
sounds almost just like some weird tom getting hit.
all in all a good song though, needs more beatbox. like, mix up a really good clap sound with beatbox.
or not, depending on your mood i guess...

i really likey

I really liked this

this has a really nice feel to it. some of the guitars could use slight editing to make them not sound so FL, but aside from that I really like it.
hard drums at first, but then hard guitars to make the drums drums sound soft.
the only other thing i would comment on is that you should eq out the bottom of the guitar to add in a bass, or the top to add in piano, then you could make the song twice as long, because you could fit in more variety, although it is pretty good right now. I have listened to this loop about 10 times now, it good.

p.s. only reason i am hearing your music is because your reveiw of tmn43... I saw cotton eye joe remix, and was curious


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