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this song has great potential. But I agree with seraph, (his music is pretty good too), It really needs some mastering with EQ and stuff.
I would completely filter certain frequencies out of your toms and especailly your crash, bnecuase it steals from your instruments.
but the drum beat is pretty awesome, and so is the riff.
One day this will be a favourite of mine if you work on fixing it up a lot


this song is awesome, really nice drums, theres that hit in there too that is good.
horn sound gets annoying fast.
way to epic for a game.
doesnt loop the greatest.

good job though, i voted 5


I could actually see this as the song for that boss with the big thing on his back.
really well done, and sounds really epic in a mellow way, which is good.
only flaws, beginning has highs and lows, but no mid.
the other mid instrument that comes in sometimes sounds midi-ish

good job and good luck!


I can definately say that I have never heard a song with this emotion before. It is a funk/goth/mexican song.
honestly, that is crazy awesome.
only two things i could say that are bad.
1. the drums sound 80's, maybe need a bit more mixing, or some variety, at least more than what you have.
2. the feel of this is not making me crash castles, but it is still a great song.

keep up the good work.


Just when I thought "ok, these drums are getting repeditive" the heavy reverbed snare came it, good job
I like the synth in this, and the drums were good too, until they got boring. that one synth that comes in for 2 notes every once it a whiletotally reminds me of ff7

i like the feel of this song, got a good emotion

woo, first downloader


remxing an already great song. I can see you changed the rolling in snare hi-hat sound into as strait snare (i dont know if it had hi had befoe, but it sounded like it) also, You may have EDed it better, but even if that makes it sound louder, it still sounds like you upped the volume of the song in general before submitting it, you sneaky bastard. Also, the happy stutter synth in the background has been toned way down, how traggic, that added to the feel man. Oh, and it sounds like you EQed the violin and the fast synth at the end together, muffling them into eachother.

so basically, You improved parts of this song, but also went overboard in some places making it not as awesome (even though both versions are something I could never dream of making in my entire life)

I dont really know where I am going with this reveiw, it wasnt supposed to be mean, but I dunno, I guess I will just kinda stop now...

Keep up the good work.


I really like the screaming synth that comes it at like :17.
and the riff synth is pretty good too, but gets repeditive.
The major flaw I think is in this song, is before you go into the slow downbeat part (which I love) you need it to be a bit more epic
but this has high potential

keep up the good work


this is awesome. I mean the strokes version is better just cause it has that wailing singing in it, but this is a pretty awesome cover, as it is a totaly different style.

but the part "no they aint ever gonna understand" and around there is really well done by you. I like how you just have a higher piano to replace vocals, good job.

Turning-Japanese responds:

Hah, I'm glad you liked it, and yeah, the strokes version is pretty badass. I'm glad you think I did them some justice though - thanks for the review!

awesome song

I really liked this song when i first heard it, so i DLed it. I was planning on using it in my little flash game, but i realised that it is so bass orented, that you wouldnt be able to hear the song when on a laptop. I was about to give up, then I played it on a laptop, and heard the very high musicbox style notes played the same time as the bass. VERY SNEAKY SIS.

so I ended up using it, thanks for the song.
I like the claps, and I also like how the whole song feels syncepated [sp]

Kombat-Chuck responds:

Awesome! Thanks!


this song was just so good, I used it in my crappy flash! :D
you can see, it is over there<<<
room cleaning.
thanks for the song, very well done. A nice loop played repeditively with variations adds to the sheer awesomeness.


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